Bluetooth low energy module wholesale Bluetooth LE module bulk buy


Bluetooth low energy module wholesale Bluetooth LE module bulk buy

hi this is Phillip and today I’m going

to give you some tips and tricks about

how to use the H Co 5 Bluetooth low energy module maker module

with Arduino I’ve been given a pair of H

Co 5 Bluetooth modules a bit of time ago

and I really like people using them and

I would like to give you guys three tips

are ways to use it the first one is

basically the code that I already

uploaded to my github so I’m gonna have

the link in the comments and what that

code do does is that every time you

start your Arduino it’s going to force

set the mode for either the slave or the

master and the way it does that it has

to power down and then power up and set

the the mode and then force another

power down and power up to really reset

the mode so that takes a bit of time but

it works every single time so the cool

thing about that mode is that if you

have to switch the Bluetooth modules

around and you don’t want to have to go

and say this is the master and all that

you can say to the code basically do it

every single time force the reset and

I’ll wait the time that it takes so

that’s one way to use it another way is

to use it basically once you have set

the mode the cool thing is that those

little guys they they remember the last

mode so all you need to do once you have

that done once is to in it and then link

through the master so what you do is you

power up the slave and then for the

master you just follow up and then you

call the init command and then the link

come in and it’s going to link to the

slave and it goes much much faster so

basically it’s the exact same code as

the first thing that I just described

except you remove or uncomment the part

that sets the mode so you save a bunch

of time so that’s very interesting the

last one that I really like is that you

can bind the two together so you can

tell the master that it’s basically we

call the bind command and you

give the MAC address of the slave and

from that point on the cool thing is

that as soon as you power them up you

don’t have to do anything so as soon as

they’re powered up the master is looking

for the slave and it connects it

decrease the connection right away so

basically you just power them up so

there’s nothing but the power right now

and they’re connected as soon as they

have power and if I disconnect one or

the other as soon as the power is back

they will want to make that connection

again is actually it’s the new master

that triggers it but the connection is

made every single time it’s a little bit

like you Mouse you know you don’t have

to reinstall your mouse every time you

you plug it into your computer so this

this is a very very cool little feature

so I hope you enjoyed this and go get

the code and if I get the more cool

stuff out more you make more videos and

blog about it bye guys


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